A poem.

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The old man looked at me and sighed.
He had winter on his breath and burning eyes.
“They told me they were all just gooks, but they lied.
I fought for my country, but my country passed me by.
Down in the jungle where only those who lose their souls survive.
1974 and a hot sun on the rise.

I killed, I killed, I killed, and my friends died.
I returned a different person from the one who said goodbye.
The one who kissed his mother and his girlfriend,
took his gun into the skies. …

A poem.

Photo by By johnnorth on Canva

Beneath the branches, shadows darken
to me, children, you must harken.
’Tis not a night to wander, no
for in the dark, the wild things know
It’s the night of the Masquerade.

The wolf prowled out this hot spring night
and he prayed to the moon to give him light
With a flick of his ears, a twitch of his tail
he followed the haunted music’s trail
to the place of the Masquerade.

The creatures, great and small they came
in masks and capes, no two the same
and under the pale cool moon, they danced
beneath a…

A poem

Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash

When my eyes are closed
I see in vivid color
a smiling child in a field
with daisies in her hands
a smile as big as summer on her face.
Her innocence could fit
in the palm of my hand.

My hand held the pill.
My hand, its creases roads leading nowhere.
I sent the pill down
like a guided missile to my womb.

So much blood.
Like a battlefield, or
the ghost of a battlefield
where the living dragged off
the remains of the dead,
answered their questions
with silence
closed their wondering eyes
beneath a red, inflamed sun.

You will enjoy this magical middle-grade adventure.

Photo by veeterzy on Unsplash

The Slug Queen Chronicles Season One by S.O. Thomas is a wonderful adventure that is enjoyable for children and adults as well.

The book follows the adventures of Cricket, a girl who has the power to see brightly colored “dust” which other people can’t see. On her 12th birthday, she learns that her mother (who died when she was born) shared this talent. She is given her mother’s journal and sets out to try and learn more about her strange abilities.

But when a creature from the mysterious world of Aeryland abducts her baby brother and leaves behind a terrible…

Sarah Lynn Terzo

Sarah Lynn Terzo is a fiction writer and poet who has published short stories and poetry in various literary magazines. She graduated from Trenton State College

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